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Weight Loss
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Cardiovascular Health
Childbirth preparation

Appropriate exercise promotes good posture and strength, relieves tension and helps with relaxation. During pregnancy or any time through the life cycle from childhood to adult- hood Belly Dance is beneficial. The personal benefits to this dance form are innumerable; it builds self-esteem, develops body awareness, and allows women to foster their femininity in a positive and healthy way. With a reputation for its historically positive benefits to childbirth, fertility and the female organs, to its current popularity for style, flair and unique beauty, belly dance is the most innovative way to stay in shape, have fun, and nurture your inner femininity. This dance enhances cardiovascular functions, promotes weight loss as well as increasing an individuals overall self-esteem and body image.
Health Tips

Caring for your body, mind and soul is the best that you can do for total wellness. Through a healthy diet, high in fiber and low in saturated fats, a regular fitness program, and regular bodywork, complete wellness can be achieved.

See the following links and contact list for local providers of healing in the modalities of massage, shiatsu, acupuncture, and thermal stone therapy.

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